How Can Chronic Sitting Make my Butt Fatter up to 50%?
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Do you want a bigger butt? Of course! There are millions of women out there who are fans of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and numerous other celebrities who have fantastic derrieres!

Given the fact that this is the latest trend within the industry, a number of different medicines have sprouted up as well that aim to provide you with a bigger butt.

However, there are a host of other things to keep in mind if you are looking to get a bigger butt. While plastic surgery and artificial butt implants have become tremendously popular throughout the years, getting a bigger butt naturally requires significantly more hard work and significantly less financial expenditure.

However, now, researchers have uncovered a completely new way of getting a bigger butt; just sitting down!

Researchers were able to uncover after a series of different tests that the pressure exerted on the areas of the body which are used for sitting or lying down can produce up to fifty percent more fat in those areas!

This also explains a common occurrence among people who tend to remain seated for long periods of time; people who sit on the sofa for way too long on a daily basis, or usually follow a very sedentary lifestyle become quite fat, coupled with the complete lack of exercise.

However, the research now finds that even those people who have a healthy diet as well as exercise regularly are also equally likely to be affected, if they spend a great deal of their time sitting on a chair (often the office types).

Research reveals that the preadipocyte cells- which are often referred to as the ‘precursors’ to the fat cells- turn into fat cells and then end up producing even more fat if they undergo long periods of ‘mechanical stretching loads’, which is basically the type of weight that we exert on those regions when we lie down or remain seated for a longer period.

Researchers pondered over the MRI images of the muscle tissue of different patients who had been handicapped due to injuries to the spinal cord, and through this, they were able to find out that with the passage of time, a great number of fat cells were invading the major muscles within a person’s body.

This intrigued the researchers, and they began investigating how mechanical load could be the reason behind the expansion of the fat cells within the body.

Tests were carried out, where a team stimulated preadipocytes with insulin and glucose, turning them in to fat cells.

Then, these fat cells were placed in a cell stretching device and stretched on a consistent basis for long periods of time; an effect that is similar to lying down or sitting in one position for a significantly prolonged period of time.

The tests produced definite results only after a couple of weeks of stretching, as the liquid droplets that began to develop within the cells became significantly larger.

By the time the cells became mature, the ones that had been on the receiving end of mechanical stretching had been able to develop around fifty percent more fat than the ones which were left in their natural position.

A professor from the Tel Aviv University, Amit Gefen, said “Obesity is more than just an imbalance of calories. Cells themselves are also responsive to their mechanical environment.

Fat cells produce more triglycerides [the major form of fat stored in the body], and at a faster rate, when exposed to static stretching. There are various ways that cells can sense mechanical loading.

It appears that long periods of static mechanical loading and stretching, due to the weight of the body when sitting or lying, has an impact on increasing lipid [fat] production.

These findings indicate that we need to take our cells’ mechanical environment into account as well as pay attention to calories consumed and burned.”

As a result, it can be conclusively proven that even somebody with a healthy diet as well as regular exercise is likely to get a larger butt if they continue to spend a great deal of their time while sitting in a similar position.

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