Fish Oil and Vitamin E for Buttocks Growth
Vitamin E and Fish Oil For Butt

For a lot of women, having a bigger butt is a dream; it not only makes your body look much more beautiful and stylish, it also makes you look quite beautiful.

The latest trend of having ‘curves’ means that more and more women have begun joining gyms and hiring personal trainers, just so that they can work to improve their overall physique, of which the butt constitutes a major part.

For a woman, having a bigger butt is becoming more and more important. With the rise of famous stars such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, who are basically idolized by the generation of today, the ‘butt’ has become a huge symbol.

Even famous singers such as Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea have moved on to this trend, releasing a number of songs that highlight their ‘buttocks’.

As you can infer, the importance of the butt is at an all- time high these days. The media focuses quite a lot on the butts of celebrities, which ultimately invokes other women who idolize these celebrities to get a bigger butt too. However, exercise is not always the only way to get a bigger butt.

You need to make sure that you take a proper diet, and to follow a set regimen. As is the case with any rising industry, a number of different rumors have been swirling about the different ways by which you can enhance your butt.

Some say that by taking a specialized pill, they could enhance their butt. Others talk about specialized herbs and foods that must be taken at certain periods in order to enhance your butt. However, how much of this is true? Well, that’s anybody’s guess.

Now, in this article, we are going to be tackling the rumor about whether fish oil and Vitamin E are good for the growth of your buttocks or not. This is one of the most popular rumors on the internet; you can easily find people talking about this on a number of different forums as well as posting large posts on various social media platforms as well.

In fact, you can even find videos on YouTube providing detailed instructions on how fish oil and vitamin E are considered to be so good for use on the buttocks. The basic gist of the idea is this: the intake of fish oil pills as well as vitamin e pills, or the application of a vitamin E cream on your butt will result in its growth.

The question though is this; does this treatment really work? Let us find out.

The first step is to buy some fish oil pills as well as some vitamin E pills. Then, poke some holes in the fish oil pills, which will allow the fish oil to drip out. Apply that fish oil as well as the vitamin E cream to your buttocks generously.

Once done, take a seran wrap and place it all over your butt cheeks, making sure that no part remains uncovered. Why the seran wrap, you ask? Well, mainly because it will help to ensure that the fish oil and the vitamin E will be absorbed properly by your buttocks, and so that the fish oil and the vitamin E does not spill over on your clothes.

After application, you can proceed about your daily activities, or you can take a seat for about 30 minutes so as to let the fish oil and vitamin e absorb properly. Some people might even take a seat on a heating pad, with the primary aim being that the heat will open the pores in the buttocks, allowing for the easy absorption of the fish oil and vitamin E in the butt cheeks.

Now, before we go further, let us talk about Vitamin E and fish oil:

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is fat soluble. It is a very robust anti- oxidant, and is usually found in a number of skin care products. You can find Vitamin E in a number of skin care products that are used to heal scars, cuts, and wrinkles, etc. However, does it really help in enhancing your butt? The effects so far have been rather inconclusive.

Fish Oil:

Over the past decade, fish oil has become hugely popular. It contains both EPA and DHA healthy forms of fatty acids, commonly referred to as Omega 3.

Now, while Omega 3 has been known to help in curing a number of diseases, as well as improving memory and cognitive functionality, it remains to be seen whether fish oil has a direct impact upon the enhancement of your buttocks.

The common reasoning often given by people when it comes to mixing the two together in order to enhance the buttocks is that fish oil serves as liquid fat, while vitamin E has been known by many to include skin properties that help with elasticity as well as the release of collagen.

Upon topical application, the common assumption is that the Vitamin E will be absorbed directly in the buttocks, allowing for a plumper and fatter growth. On the other hand, the fish oil will help in making the buttocks firm and smooth to touch. The result? A bigger, tighter and smoother butt. However, it doesn’t always work that way.

If this was true, then virtually everyone would have been using this treatment. So far, the treatment has had mixed results; some has claimed it works wonderfully, while others have said it is nothing more than a ruse that doesn’t work at all.

However, it still does not make much sense as to why this treatment would ever work.

Normally, fish oil pills and vitamin E are to be consumed orally, and results are likely to be much better that way; if there were going to be any results at all. If you want a bigger butt, you will need to exercise, as well as intake a proper, healthy diet, so that the muscles can be enhanced.

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